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Hi stranger ~~

I’m Marielle, a multimedia designer and illustrator based out of Vancouver, Canada. Lots of people would describe me as high-energy and passionate – and that is because I am! I love the world around me and the endless possibilities of what we can learn and create in our environment.

As a queer mix-raced person of colour, it is my communities that have shape me into the conscientious, sensitive, and considerate designer I am today. That is why with every challenge I tackle, I look to how I can give back to the communities that raised me – or at the very least create delight for the people I love.


What I'm Looking For ~~

Over the past years, I have focused most of my energy on working with small businesses and non-profits. Most notably this past summer, I was brought on as a project coordinator and in-house designer at the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation (VCF), where I got to work in the community that raised my uncle, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Working at the VCF was transformational for me, as it should me what a core group of caring people could do to help shape a community. It made me more steadfast in my desire to do meaningful work that brings people together.

 With any job opportunity, I am looking for an experience that will broaden my knowledge on what it is like to design for communities and people in need. Specifically, I want to expand my horizons and get more experience in UX Design with a firm whose mission is to help people achieve their goals – whether it be in non-profit or corporate environments.

If you’re interested in talking more or just getting to know me – send me an email at

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