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  • Marielle Wall

Be Here: Hello Jenga

Blog Post For the Greater Vancouver Zoo While at Magnolia Communications.


The Greater Vancouver Zoo is happy to announce our family is expanding on July 4th! Meet Jenga: our new Baringo Giraffe and newest companion to our other Baringo, Pompey. 

Creating a Tighter Knit Family Unit – Jenga Joins Pompey

Jenga was born on May 1, 2016, at the Africa Lion Safari in Ontario, Canada. This 2-year-old giraffe is a Baringo/Rothchild Giraffe, a type of giraffe that is native to eastern South Sudan, South-Western Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Currently only 1671 of this sub-species exist in the wild due to habitat encroachment and poaching. That is why it is important that these animals are preserved, so we can continue to learn about them in the future.

In the wild, these grazers feed on surrounding shrubbery. At Jenga’s new home, he will be fed a diet of alfalfa, tree leaves, grass, and fruit. He will have also have a variety of trees and shrubs to choose from in his new home in our large grass enclosure. He shares this with Pompey, and the companionship these two will have is an added enhancement to their welfare and the quality of their life in their enclosure.

New Digs for both Pompey and Jenga

Adding a new addition to the family means that the Greater Vancouver Zoo needed to prep a space for Jenga so he can settle in easily. We continue to work with Giraffe specialists in order to ensure Jenga and Pompey are well cared for. A new shelter was built in our main field and the current barn underwent major renovations. There is now a new catwalk ramp and adjustable sliding doors to allow our team to adjust room size to Jenga’s liking.

Over time their caregiver will slowly introduce them, ensuring that they are healthy and ready to meet. Their introduction will happen slowly throughout their daily enrichment activities which are in place to help stimulate our giraffes, keeping them in tip-top shape.

Be Here and Develop Stronger Ties to Your Animal Family 

As these animals are part of our family, we look forward to both giraffes developing a deep bond with each other. Companionship is one of the best ways of ensuring our giraffes are happy and healthy. Interacting with each other will allow them to engage in shared activities and play, truly enriching their quality of life.


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